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Come To Us for a Replacement Gas Range Safety Valve

Friday, September 7, 2018 3:40:09 PM America/Los_Angeles

You have been using a gas range securely for many years, and have recently started to notice that the safety valve is starting to become less and less reliable. This valve is essential if you want to make sure that you can protect your family against gas leaks or potential explosions. It is there to make sure that the gas coming to the range does not enter the atmosphere without there being any ignition. If you are worried that your gas range safety valve is no longer working as effectively as it should, then you may be risking your health if you don't replace it quickly.

The Purpose of the Safety Valve

When gas ovens and ranges were first mass produced, people did not treat them with the care that was needed in order to protect themselves against explosions. Often, they believe that they could leave the gas burner running, only lighting it when they needed to, in the same way that an electric oven always has electricity. However, this resulted in a number of serious explosions and fatalities, and so gas oven manufacturers developed the safety valve. This will not allow the gas to enter into the atmosphere unless it detects a pilot flame, spark or other type of ignition.

Gas Range Safety Valve

When the Safety Valve Doesn't Work

You may notice that your gas range valve is no longer operating safely if you are struggling to get ignition on your gas range. You may be struggling to heat the oven and might not be able to light the flame on the burners. This may mean that the valve has failed due to wear and tear, and you need to replace the valve as quickly as possible in order to keep the gas range working. One way of doing this is to purchase your own part and do the replacement yourself.

Buying Your Own Replacement Valve

When you need to have your gas range safety valve replaced quickly, you may want to call in someone to help you as soon as possible. They may want to bring in their own valve, and charge you extra for the cost of replacement. It is a good idea to look at sellers such as 1 Appliance Parts. We can offer you replacement safety valves at a much more affordable rate, and you can search our website for the item you need. When you are ready to order, just call us at (747) 232-3838

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