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Everything About Your Frigidaire Parts

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 1:14:01 PM America/Los_Angeles

Frigidaire appliance doesn’t break easily. However, if yours is broken, 1ApplianceParts can help. But you’ll need to find the model number of your unit so that you can order the right part. At 1Appliance Parts, we offer expedited shipping as long as you place your order before 4 PM EST.


What are some of the Frigidaire parts you can purchase?

Crisper cover support

It’s used to ensure that the crisper shelf is in place. Your unit may need replacement of crisper cover support if the unit’s door no longer opens or closes. It’s placed as a front support, or you can mount it on a cabinet wall. You can replace it on your own. However, you have to make sure that you have the necessary tools, like a screwdriver, putty knife, and hammer. Before you can place it, you must remove the old part first by pushing the pin.

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Defrost Timer

It’s a part of the defrost circuit in your fridge and freezer. What it does is that it cycles the defrost heater and turn it on or off. The timer cycles for 30 minutes every eight hours. It doesn’t melt the frost buildup, but it’s the defrost heater that does the job. However, defrost timer is vital because if it fails, the heater won’t have the power to run. As a result, frost continues to build up. Before you find defrost timer replacement, you must test it out first. Use a multi-meter to test the defrost thermostat. Defrost timer replacement can fix your unit if the freezer doesn’t defrost, the freezer is too warm or too cold.


Water inlet valve

Its function is to release water from the unit’s supply line. From there, the water is sent to the dispenser. If you’re comfortable fixing it, you’ll need a nut driver and a utility knife. However, if you’re not an expert DIY, you must call a technician to help you out. You’ll need a water inlet valve if your unit’s ice maker doesn’t dispel ice, it’s not making ice, or it makes too little ice.


Ice maker

This part gets water from the water inlet valve. From there, it stores water in the mold until it freezes it. Ice is ejected automatically. The overall process will continue until your unit’s storage bucket is full. You’ll need this part if your unit’s ice market isn’t making any ice anymore or it doesn’t dispense ice. For more information about replacement parts for your Frigidaire, please browse our page or call our customer support 747-232-3838.

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