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How To Troubleshoot Kenmore Refrigerator That Does Not Cool?

Monday, October 9, 2017 12:06:44 PM America/Los_Angeles

Troubleshooting Kenmore refrigerator can be a significant challenge. But it’s vital because it doesn’t just cause inconvenience but it’s also very costly. The good thing is that it can be fixed. But you need to fix it ASAP, else all the food in your fridge will spoil when your entire unit breaks down. While waiting for a technician’s visit, you can try some of these tips.

Condenser coil

If it’s dirty, it won’t provide enough cold to your unit. Just like a radiator, you must keep it clean. Once clean, it can dissipate the heat. Condenser coils can get dirtier causing the unit to be less efficient. As a result, it won’t cool down. If it’s dirty, it’ll never cool the inside of your fridge to the right temperature.

How To Troubleshoot Kenmore Refrigerator That Does Not Cool?

Check the fan motor of the evaporator

Another reason your Kenmore refrigerator doesn’t cool is that the evaporator fan failed. Your unit has a set of coils known as an evaporator. Depending on the unit you have, it can have one or more evaporator fan motors. Its role is to circulate cold air through the compartment. If there’s no cold air, the fan might not be working correctly. Or it could also be that your evaporator fan motor isn’t working properly. It could be that there’s something that gets stuck in the condenser fast motor blade. Or it could also be that the fan motor itself is defective.

Defective start relay

If those items mentioned above are working properly, but your fridge doesn’t cool, it could be that the unit’s start relay is faulty. If it is, then the compressor will run intermittently. In some cases, it won’t run at all. As a result, your fridge won’t get cold enough. If defective, you must replace it. Now, if the start relay isn’t the culprit, it could be the temperature control. It enables power to flow to your unit. If it’s not running correctly, then your unit will not be cold enough to preserve your food. However, if the compressor is running, but the freezer isn’t cooling properly, you might want to check its defrost system problem. Although you can troubleshoot your fridge by yourself, you must not attempt to fix it on your own, unless you’re a trained professional. You must hire a technician who can mend the unit for you. If he recommends purchasing a replacement part, you can always order it at 1ApplianceParts.com.

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How To Troubleshoot Kenmore Refrigerator That Does Not Cool?