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Refrigerator Problems – How to Be Your Own Handyman

Monday, May 7, 2018 11:33:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

It’s your worst nightmare – one moment you’re ecstatic to return home from work and drink a glass of cold orange juice and the other, you’ve realized that the orange juice is unusually warm. Fridge malfunctions can happen to the best of us and can often be the most nerve-wracking because our food and drinks are jeopardized. However, the good news is that most fridges experience temporary malfunctions that you can solve with the right refrigerator parts.

Despite this set of temporary malfunctions, people are too quick to buy new fridges. Not only does this create a hole in our wallets, but it also damages the environment. Refrigerator parts are widely available, and the fixing process is not rocket science either. To save the environment and your bank account, you should dive in and take a look at how can you become a fridge expert!

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Problem – the fridge is not cooling

The secret to most cooling malfunctions is often an obvious issue that you can find yourself. Before buying refrigerator parts or throwing it out, it’s time to make an objective assessment. Usually, it’s one of the following things you should do to have the problem resolved in no time.

•      Check if the cable is properly plugged in and whether the light is on when you open the door. Plug it and unplug it to see if something changes.

•      The thermostat might be turned down by mistake. This often happens when there is too much food in the fridge, and something moves it.

•      Put your hand in and see if the air in circulation. The lack of cool air might be because food in the back of the fridge is blocking air vents, making it harder for the air to circulate and cool the food.

•      The coils might be clogged by debris or food that’s been building up. You can vacuum them to reduce leaks or other types of problems which might disrupt your fridge’s functioning.

•      Checking the fans is also important. Oftentimes, small pieces of food can get stuck between the fan blades or in the fan’s mechanism. This can cause clogs and reduce the speed of the fan. A simple clean up (after plugging the fridge out!) would resolve all the issues.

These issues comprise about 90% of all fridge breakdowns, meaning that if you pinpoint one of these, then you’re off easy, with not much fixing involved. However, there is a minor problem that requires some more thinking and a search on two on applianceparts.com.

If you’re really unlucky

The evaporator fan can often break down due to age or due to hyperproduction. You can get a new one easily, regardless if you need Kenmore refrigerator parts or perhaps Sears parts. You’ll need to know the exact model name, and it can be fixed easily with the help of an online manual provided by the manufacturer.

When dealing with a condenser fan problem, you can use the same method, but be sure to have different wrenches, just in case a different set of rules is used in your region. These can affect the size of the screws and fan size. These are also easy to replace.

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