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What’s Wrong With GE Refrigerator That Doesn’t Cool?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 11:52:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

In this situation, when your GE refrigerator doesn’t cool, you can find a lot of answers. As a DIY person, you can further diagnose the condition by reading some of our ways to identify the problem. Before you even attempt to make complex repairs, you should try some simple fixes. First, make sure that the unit is plugged in. Ensure that it’s getting power. The unit’s light must come on when you open its door. Then, check the thermostat. Find out if it’s not turned down by mistake. After that, check the vents on freezer compartment’s back. Do boxes of frozen veggies block them? Keep in mind that the vents must be clear so that cold air could circulate. Make sure to check these issues first before purchasing GE refrigerator parts.

GE Refrigerator Parts

The problem could also be the result of dirty coils. Clean them by vacuuming the coils under the fridge. Having clogged coils on your fridge won’t cool your unit. After cleaning the coils and the problem remains, try checking the condenser fan. Make sure that no object is stuck in the fan. If there’s something in there, then the fan won’t spin freely. But before you remove the object, unplug the fridge first and pull it out. Clean its blades and spin it by hand to find out if it’s stuck. Plug the fridge and ensure that the fans are running when the compressor is running. If it doesn't, then you might need to replace the condenser fan, and purchase GE refrigerator parts. You can purchase it at 1Appliance Parts.

GE Refrigerator Parts

Replacing evaporator fan

Another culprit for this situation is the evaporator fan. If the compressor is running but the unit isn’t cooling, the problem is likely caused by clogged evaporator coils or a broken evaporator fan. When the fan begins to deteriorate, it makes chipping or squealing sound. It’s the evaporator fan that causes the problem if the noise gets louder as you open the door of your freezer. Now, if you remove the cover in the freezer, you’ll find coils that are filled with frost. In that case, you need to allow the unit to thaw for at least 24 hours. But make sure that you take everything out of the unit first. After the frost has melted away, plug the unit back in and find out if it works. If it does, the issue could be the defrost timer, heater or thermostat. These parts and ge refrigerator parts are easy to replace. You can purchase them at 1Appliance Parts. But make sure that you have diagnosed the issue correctly before placing an order. In this way, you don’t have to waste your money and time for something that won’t fix the problem.

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What’s Wrong With GE Refrigerator That Doesn’t Cool - GE Refrigerator Parts