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Why Does The Heating Element Stop Working In A Whirlpool Dryer

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 1:09:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

One of the common symptoms that Whirlpool dryer users complain about is that their units aren’t heating. And the most common culprit is the heating element. However, it’s not the only suspect. Rather, several items on the unit can cause the same symptom. You can save money in the long run if you try to troubleshoot the problem first and find out exactly which part of the unit is faulty before you even purchase a replacement part, such as the heating element for whirlpool dryer.

Heating Element For Whirlpool Dryer 

By conducting a visual inspection, you can easily check whether or not the heating element is the issue. You can locate it at the back of the unit or under the drum. This part looks like door springs that are stretched out. If you have a bad heating element on your dryer, then you will find a break in the coil.  It’s good if you can’t find a break in it. But you need to play close inspection because some breaks can hide among the coils. Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the part. In here, you can indicate whether or not you have a bad heating element and if you'll need heating element for whirlpool dryer.

Heating Element For Whirlpool Dryer

But why does this part stop working?

The heating element is the one that warms the air that enters the dryer drum. Unfortunately, it can burn out over time. As a result, the dryer won’t heat. Thus, as mentioned earlier, you need to use a multimeter to test its continuity. If it doesn’t have continuity, you must replace it. But you must also check its thermal fuse before you replace the heating element as it could also be the culprit of why your Whirlpool dryer isn’t working. The fuses on the dryer are found on the heating element. Just like the heating element,  you can test the dust using a multimeter test for continuity. But before you purchase a replacement part for your Whirlpool dryer, make sure that your diagnosis is correct. Else, you’ll just be wasting your money and time for something that can’t fix the problem. That’s why it’s vital that you hire a professional to diagnose the problem for you. After proper diagnosis, you can use our service to help you find replacement parts of your heating element for whirlpool dryer. The technician can also help you install it. At Appliance Parts, we recommend knowing the model number first before you can search and place your order. We provide different shipping options. If you wish to receive the items as soon as possible, then you can opt for our expedited delivery option. To view some of our appliance parts, such as a heating element for whirlpool dryer, visit our website https://www.1applianceparts.com

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